Pregnancy Discrimination

Discrimination against pregnant employees and new mothers is becoming more and more common. The fact is a recent study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) shows that pregnancy discrimination claims have risen 35 percent from 1997 to 2010.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 expressly amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to state that discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is prohibited. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act applies to employers with 15 employees just as Title VII does. Claims for Pregnancy Discrimination should be filed with the EEOC within 300 days of the date the discrimination occurred.

Pregnancy discrimination occurs when an employer fires an employee or reduces her wages as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition. In fact any hostility or harassment by an employer towards an employee resulting from pregnancy can be the basis of a claim for discrimination.

If a woman believes she has experienced discrimination in the workplace due to pregnancy, it is important that she consult with an attorney experienced in handling discrimination claims. Though an attorney is not needed to simply file a complaint with either the FCHR or the EEOC, the lawyer can provide direction through the administrative process. If legal action is later required, the attorney will be familiar with the case and immediately ready move forward.

If you feel you have been the victim of pregnancy discrimination, please do not hesitate to call our offices in Tampa or Tallahassee. When you call, an attorney will be happy to discuss your claim and determine your best options.