Being the victim of an accident disrupts your life and the lives of those around you. After an accident, you may not have access to transportation or be healthy enough to leave your home, a hospital, or a rehabilitation facility to access the legal counsel you need. For this reason, the law firm of Printy & Printy offers in-home legal services for victims of auto accidents.

Benefits of In-Home Consultation

Regardless of whether you were in an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, we will come to you and work to get your life back on track. Simply call and ask for an in-home consultation and one of our attorneys will schedule a time to meet with you. We do this because:

  • Timeliness. We can help you address insurance issues to support coverage and payment. We will also evaluate the facts of your case to determine if you should file a lawsuit should to seek compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained and the damages to your vehicle. The sooner we begin the process, the better access we have to witnesses and other information that can support your claims.
  • Documentation. When we visit the residence, we can photograph and document the injuries you’ve sustained and the damage to your vehicle. These post-medical care images of your injuries are important to tell the story of what happened. Often, bruising and other physical signs of trauma don’t appear until a day or two after the accident. We make sure that each picture is documented for use in supporting your claim.
  • Impact. Visiting the home allows us to learn how the accident has impacted your day-to-day life. This may include the challenges you now face with childcare, adult family member care, general housekeeping, employment and other issues.
  • Healthcare. For clients who need additional healthcare of either a physician, physical therapist, or other specialty service, we work to arrange either in-home care or transportation to the healthcare provider. We will not allow your lack of access to transportation impede your recovery.

You shouldn’t have to wait to access legal representation after an accident or be forced to visit a law office when you are injured. Let the skilled personal injury attorneys of Printy & Printy come to you so you can focus on recovery while we address your legal needs.

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