Do I Need an Expert for My Auto Accident Case?

Do I Need an Expert for My Auto Accident Case?

Do I Need an Expert for My Auto Accident Case?

Personal Injury Attorney | It may seem like a personal injury trial that involves an automobile accident, especially one with clear liability, would not need an abundance of experts to make a case to a jury. In fact, to many people, in cases where negligence is clear, the case may seem “easy.” But in fact, even a straightforward auto injury case, can end up involving a multitude of experts.

Who is an Expert?

An expert is needed to testify about matters that require more than what a layperson would know in a given field. In fact, it may even require testimony beyond what someone who is just working in a given field would ordinarily know.

For example, a mechanic who has been working on cars for five years may know a lot about cars but not be qualified as an expert witness. However, someone who has owned three body shops over the last 15 years and has six auto repair certifications may qualify.

Experts in Auto Injury Cases

In an auto accident where liability is disputed, there are many experts that may be needed. But even in one where liability is clear—for example, a rear-end accident—many experts are often still needed.

This is because even with clear liability, the issues of damages and causation still must be resolved. In other words, how badly are you injured and did the crash actually cause your injuries are questions that still remain, even if liability is established.

To answer those questions, a number of experts may be needed. Some may include:

  • Your doctors – The doctors that treated you would have evidence as to your injuries, how severe they were, and what the expected prognosis is.
  • Biomechanical experts – Biomechanical experts are a mix between engineers and doctors. They testify as to how a given impact with a given force affects the organs of the human body. They can testify as to the force human tissues can sustain, and what happens when that force is exceeded. They can testify that certain motion or movement can cause certain injury. Often, doctors are not qualified to give this kind of testimony.
  • Mechanics – Often, insurance companies will try to say that a certain amount or type of damage to your car will indicate how severe an accident is. But visual evidence of damage is not always indicative of how bad the accident was. Mechanic experts will often be used to testify as to “hidden” or internal damage to vehicles, or that a given vehicle is built to absorb shock, thus minimizing visual damage, but that the visible damage doesn’t correlate with the impact on the car.

The bottom line is that there is no “simple” case, and as long as defendants continue to try to avoid paying for their negligence, there will always be a need for lawyers that know how to use experts to negate their defenses. – Miami Personal Injury

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