How Dangerous is Fatigue for Truck Drivers?

How Dangerous is Fatigue for Truck Drivers?

How Dangerous is Fatigue for Truck Drivers?

Personal Injury AttorneyIf there’s one issue that arises in a significant percentage of the wrecks our truck accident attorney handles, it’s driver fatigue. Exhaustion is a common issue for commercial truck drivers, and it puts everyone on the road at risk.

The real issue here is not the individual driver in question- it’s the trucking companies that set the schedules to which drivers must adhere. These schedules are often shockingly ambitious, and meeting them requires pushing the envelope behind the wheel.

Many drivers feel they have no choice but to push though the night and drive while utterly exhausted. Quite a few of these drivers resort to stimulants and other drugs to keep them awake.

Fatigue is a serious problem for any driver, but it’s especially dangerous when the driver is operating a massive commercial truck. An exhausted driver is one with a greatly reduced reaction time, and a large commercial truck is already difficult enough to operate. The driver needs to be fully alert, or he or she won’t have time to make sudden adjustments while on the road.

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