Limousine Service Sued for Crash Injury Pt. 1

Limousine Service Sued for Crash Injury Pt. 1

Limousine Service Sued for Crash Injury Pt. 1

<href=”/contact/”>Personal Injury Attorney | Prom and graduation season is upon us, which means many high school students will be donning tuxedos and gowns and heading out for a final bash.  

Parents concerned about the possibility of drunk driving may splurge on a limousine service for their kids, just to be certain teens won’t be tempted to drive while impaired. But limousine services can sometimes be negligent too. When a limousine accident results in injury, our experienced auto accident lawyers can help.

In a recent case out of Illinois, a limousine service carrier is the target of at least one lawsuit and a federal regulator shut-down following a fatal crash in March. 

According to The Wisconsin State Journal, two of the passengers injured in the fatal crash have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the limousine service and against the 20-year-old man who was driving. In total, six people were injured and one killed in the crash. All were from Wisconsin, on their way to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to fly to Mexico on a vacation.

One of the passengers reportedly remains in “very, very critical condition,” with extensive spinal cord injuries.

Federal law mandates that interstate commercial drivers be at least 21 years of age. An investigation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revealed the company should have known the 20-year-old was not old enough to take on this task of driving from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL, and further that this wasn’t even the first time the company had dispatched him for such a job. He had been dispatched at least twice on other cross-state jobs.

Illinois State Police investigating the crash allege the young driver was blinded by the sun just before the limousine hit a median barrier and flipped onto the roof. It was shortly after 7 a.m., and the car had been traveling on the interstate.

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