Top Four Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Top Four Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Top Four Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Personal Injury Attorneys | Most people don’t realize or just don’t think about the profound effect a car accident, even a small fender bender, can have on their lives until one happens to them. It’s not just the inconvenience of not getting to where one was going but the long lasting effects on one’s insurance premium will be a monthly or yearly reminder when the insurance premium payment becomes due.

Some car accidents just can’t be avoided but fortunately many can. Too many people fail to keep their cars in safe driving conditions along with letting little distractions keep them from being better defensive drivers. It does not take a lot of work to improve one’s chances of avoiding an accident and by avoiding car accidents one can gain a much calmer life along with a pretty good chance of keeping more of their money instead of giving it to their car insurance agent.

Here are four steps from your trusted personal injury attorneys at Printy Law Firm to help anyone become a better driver and avoid many common areas that are often associated with the majority of accidents that happen on the roadways:

1. Make Sure the Vehicle is in Good Driving Condition: Keeping up on car maintenance is a must when it comes to avoiding many car accidents. It is important to make sure the brakes and tires are always ready for the road. Also, all the fluids should be maintained. Not keeping up on these items can bring one’s car to a halt right in the middle of traffic or just as bad, keep the car from stopping when it should. Regular engine maintenance is important too and if one is considering buying a new vehicle, looking for accident avoidance devices such as electronic stability control and built in rear cameras would be a good idea to add additional help in avoiding accidents.

2. Make Sure the Driver is in Good Driving Condition: Of course being in road ready condition is not just a must for the vehicle but also for the driver. Keeping eye exams up to date is very important but keeping healthy can also be just as important. People in good health are generally able to think better and quicker, react faster and are less likely to have a severe health problem while driving. It is also important that the driver is not taking any medications that can cause problems while driving like drowsiness and one should always get plenty of sleep before doing any driving, especially at night.

3. Avoid In-Car Distractions: We all should know by now to not be texting while driving, but many are still doing other things that can potentially cause an accident such as putting on make-up, eating or trying to find a CD or receipt in the car. To avoid accidents it is best one tries to eat their meal before or after they drive and take a look around the car to see if they need anything, like a CD, before heading out on the road. And, if there are children in the car, the driver should have all of their snacks and toys ready and in reach of the children so the children can retrieve the items when needed and not the driver.

4. Be a Defensive Driver: This is something that we all have heard from the day of our driving test but it is a good reminder to remember to keep an eye out for what others are doing. Other ways to be a defensive driver is to always check blind spots and when stopped at an intersection check for cars coming through before going, even when the light is green. In addition, always keeping a good distance away from other cars is a huge help in avoiding accidents since it gives the driver more reaction time if something goes wrong.

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