Insufficient Security

Insufficient Security

Insufficient Security

Personal Injury Attorneys | Premises liability cases can take many forms. One of the most common is insufficient security, which can result in a victim suffering severe bodily injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The owner of a store, facility or other venue open to the public has certain legal obligations regarding security. The law doesn’t require a facility to have a specific amount of security- one guard for every 15 customers, for example. However, the property owner is still expected to take reasonable steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of his patrons.

Insufficient security cases often derive from incidents at retail establishments. Store security is often a place where owners will attempt to cut expenses.

Sometimes, the issue is negligent security- venues are often staffed with poorly trained personnel who are ill-equipped to protect patrons and fail to take reasonable, necessary steps. Owners and administrators are accountable for these mistakes.

Our premises liability attorneys are familiar with all forms of insufficient security cases. We know how to investigate and pursue these claims. – Best and Anderson

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