The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident

The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident

The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident

Personal Injury Attorneys | Being involved in a car accident is an overwhelming experience. When you have been in a car accident — especially if you have been injured — it can be hard to think clearly and rationally at the scene, or even in the following days and weeks.

However, taking quick action after a car accident is very important. By securing evidence early on, this evidence may be used to help you recover  the compensation you are entitled to. If you have been in a car accident in Florida or Georgia, it is important to take photos at the accident scene as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so due to your injuries, ask a friend or someone else on the scene to take them for you.

The following provides an overview of what you need to know about the importance of taking car accident photos and how to take car accident photos.

Why Taking Photos Is So Important

While it may be hard to remember to take photos when you have been involved in an accident, photographic evidence could make or break your claim. Photos can provide visual details about how the accident occurred, who was at fault, and what damages were sustained as a direct result. Photo evidence can prove that you have been injured, and can prove that the other party did something negligent – both of which may be essential to your car accident claim and to recovering the amount of money that you deserve.

What to Do At the Scene of an Accident

  1. Knowing what to do at the scene of a car accident is incredibly important. If you have serious injuries and cannot do the following, seek medical care immediately. If you contact an attorney as soon as possible, your attorney may visit the accident scene and gather evidence for you.
  2. The first thing that you should do at the scene of an accident is to contact the police. This is even more pressing if you have injuries that demand medical attention. Take a deep breath to stay calm, check for any injuries incurred by you or your passengers, turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights, and call 911 as soon as possible.
  3. While you are waiting for the police to arrive, gather as much evidence as you can, including taking photos. Evidence you should gather includes the name and contact information of the other drivers; makes, models, and license plate numbers of all vehicles involved in the crash; the names and contact information of any witnesses; and pictures of anything relevant to the crash.

Tips for Taking Photos of a Car Accident Scene

Taking good photos is important. Quality photos can shed light on details that otherwise would be left uncovered. Tips for taking good photos include the following:

Take as many pictures as possible.

Go a little camera crazy. You may think that you are being excessive and that all the photos that you are taking are unnecessary, but you never know what you may uncover when reviewing the photos at a later date. Take photos of all things related to the car accident. This includes the cars, the people at the scene, weather conditions, damaged objects, skid marks, the inside of your vehicle, police officers, the roadway where the accident occurred, debris on the road from the accident, stop lights and traffic signs, your injuries, surrounding businesses, and more. When collecting photographic evidence, the idiom “the more, the better” certainly stands true.

Take photos from multiple angles.

Do not just take a bunch of photos of a bunch of different things. Also take multiple photos of the same thing from different angles. This includes taking photos from multiple angles of all of the things listed above. Get plenty of close-up shots of damage as well. Also, do not forget that taking photos of weather and something with a date stamp – like a photograph of a cell phone displaying the time and date – are also important.

Take photos of your injuries at multiple steps during the recovery process.

Some people completely forget about the value of taking photos of their injuries. However, photos of injuries can be one of the most important parts of a claim, and can provide proof of the extent of harm that occurred. As you move through the recovery process, continue taking photos. These photos can be used to illustrate the difficulties that your injuries have posed over time, how the injuries remain to be severe enough to prevent you from working, and can demonstrate the necessity of ongoing medical treatment.

Take photos as soon as possible.

The best practice for taking car accident photos is to take the car accident photos immediately after the car accident occurs while you are still at the scene. However, taking photos immediately is not always feasible. When taking photos then and there cannot be done, try to take photos as soon as is possible. This may mean asking a friend, family member, or your attorney to take photos of your injuries for you at a later date, and to return to the accident scene to take photographs of any remaining evidence. – Pajcic


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