Personal Injury Attorneys | What to do if you witness an accident?

Personal Injury Attorneys | What to do if you witness an accident? If you happen upon a car accident, what should you do? Should you keep driving? Should you try to help the victims? This blog post will help clarify the steps to take following an accident as a witness. The first thing to remember is your own safety. When first approaching an automobile collision, park a safe 100 feet away and put your hazard lights on. Even if an accident appears fairly minor, there could be leaked gas or glass debris from the wrecked cars that could be potentially dangerous. The next step no matter what should be to call the police. What you witnessed could be valuable information to the police and could help determine fault in the car accident. It is also not safe to assume someone else has alerted the police of the accident, so air on the side of caution and let authorities know immediately. After you’ve insured the authorities are on their way, you should check on the victims. Offer any assistance you can give, primarily help keep the victims calm until the proper authorities show up. Finally, you should give a statement to police regarding what you witnessed and provide your contact information.


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