Florida Officer Suffers Personal Injury After Responding to a Crash

Florida Officer Suffers Personal Injury After Responding to a Crash

Florida Officer Suffers Personal Injury After Responding to a Crash

Personal Injury Lawyer | A Florida Highway Patrol car was recently stopped along Interstate 95 after the officer assigned to the car had been called to a crash site. An accident occurred  just before 10 a.m. that resulted in the police officer suffering a personal injury. The accident took place while the officer sat in his cruiser after responding to the previous crash.

A motor vehicle carrying two occupants apparently veered out of control and crashed into the stationary police cruiser on the side of the road. The patrolman was seriously injured as were the two women in the car that reportedly struck his cruiser. All were transported to area hospitals for emergency care.

A Florida patrolman who was interviewed in the aftermath of the accident stated that the state’s “move over law” is designed to prevent such incidents from occurring. He said that a failure to comply not only places officers at risk but the general motoring public as well. In this case, the road was closed to traffic for nearly two hours after the accident.

Reports on the officer’s condition are encouraging, stating that the 23-year veteran was sitting up in his hospital bed and was able to speak. Florida law protects those who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions caused by the negligence of another party to pursue legal action in a civil court against the person deemed at fault. A first logical step to take when considering litigation would be to contact a legal professional available in the area who has experience in personal injury cases. – Miami Personal Injury

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