Keeping Party Guests Safe at Your Summer Festivities

Keeping Party Guests Safe at Your Summer Festivities

Keeping Party Guests Safe at Your Summer Festivities

Personal Injury Lawyer |  If you’re planning on serving pina coladas at your summer party this year, you’re going to want to make sure that your guests have a safe ride home. After all, you could be held responsible. Unfortunately, anytime there’s a celebration, the danger of drunk driving is always a possibility, as is a terrible car accident causing injuries to all involved.

Our personal injury lawyer at Printy & Printy | Tampa want to make sure your party is successful — and safe! Go ahead and review the following tips when planning out this year’s holiday festivities. Be a good hosts and lookout for your guests.

Summer Party Safety Tips:

-Don’t serve liquor. You don’t need booze to have a good time. We do understand that this may not be realistic, but moderation is key.

-Keep an eye on how much your guests are consuming. Open bar only encourages over-drinking. You could even provide guests with “drink tickets” with a certain amount for each guest.

-Make sure your guests are well fed. Consider serving food when the bar closes.

-An hour to two before the party ends, close the bar to allow for more time to “sober up.” Check up on all guests before closing down for the night.

-Consider having the party off-site. If the party takes place at a restaurant or a hotel with a liquor license – and the facility’s employees serve the drinks – you’re less likely to be held responsible.

-Make sure that cab rides are available for all guests. Keep company phone numbers at hand. Offer these numbers to guests without a designated driver.

-Keep an eye out for minors. You can get in some serious trouble if you’re busted by authorities serving alcohol to minors.

-In Florida, party hosts’ are responsible for their guests’ actions after leaving a party intoxicated only if the guests are minors or the person is addicted to alcohol.

-Consider hiring a professional bartender. This way they can monitor how much guests are consuming.

-As a party host, you’re urged not to get too intoxicated. You’re going to want to keep an eye on all aspects of your party. Stay sober and stay in the loop.

-Make sure there are plenty of drinks without alcohol on hand to not only encourage guests to stay sober, but also to offer guests a designated driver as needed.

-Make sure that all guests who are drinking have a designated driver or a safe way home.

-Allow guests to spend the night if they don’t have a safe way to get home. Have blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows ready.



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