Premises Liability Filed Against Wendy’s

Premises Liability Filed Against Wendy’s

Premises Liability Filed Against Wendy’s

Personal Injury Lawyer | Going out to eat is enjoyable for many Florida residents. Sometimes, however, a venture out does not go quite as planned, and, due to an accident, a person suffers a personal injury at a restaurant. In a recent incident outside the state of Florida, a woman has filed a lawsuit against a Wendy’s, stating that premises liability exists because she slipped and fell on an allegedly cracked floor while at the establishment.

The legal claim recently filed states that the woman had gone to the restaurant in Oct. 2013. While there, she apparently fell in an area where the floor was cracked. The claim asserts that the restaurant owner should be held accountable for failing to properly inspect the premises and remedy dangerous conditions. It also states that the establishment was obligated to warn patrons of potential hazards and failed to do so.

The woman who was injured in the fall is said to have suffered serious injuries. She is seeking restitution for pain and suffering, loss of wages, disfigurement, and loss of earning capacity, among other damages. In addition to more than $100,000 in damages, she is also seeking any relief the court may deem appropriate for her situation.

Florida residents who are injured on commercial property may choose to file a premises liability suit against any and all parties deemed negligent in accidents. Consulting with an experienced legal professional is a logical first step to take in the process. Someone who has handled personal injury cases can offer guidance as to how best to proceed when filing such a claim. – Miami Personal Injury

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