10 Tips For An Accident Free Summer

10 Tips For An Accident Free Summer

10 Tips For An Accident Free Summer

Personal Injury Lawyer | Summer heat is near. Unfortunately, the summer time can also bring a swell of other less summery street noises, like the sounds of car horns a-honking and car crashes a-crinkling. Why, you ask? The Summer months are marked by an increase in people taking both short and long distance trips. Take into account that more people will be celebrating with alcohol; add hot, wetter weather to the mix, and you have a summer recipe for a not so happy auto accident.

But you don’t have to let a smash up ruin your summer fest! In fact, by taking a few extra precautions, most accidents are avoidable to a considerable extent. So before you jump in your hot ride to dash across the country, make your accident prevention list and check it twice:

1) It’s All About the Tires

Your vehicle’s safety begins with the 4 items that actually touch the road: your tires! Make sure your tires are properly inflated if you want great gas mileage and added safety. Don’t forget to check your tire tread; if any of your tires are worn, you are at a great risk of having a blow out. Also, bald tires won’t allow you to stop as suddenly, which is a major concern especially when rain or snow are just around the bend.

2) Make Not Haste, Nor Waste

Yes, yes, yes… we all know that we’re supposed to drive the speed limit. Easier said than done. Here’s why you should obey the posted limit signs: you’ll save money, and possibly lives. Driving the proper speed not only gives you better miles to the gallon, you’ll also have more time to react and control your vehicle when unforeseen obstacles crop up. Not to mention you won’t get a $250+ speeding ticket when you can least afford it.

3) Subtraction by Distraction

Are you naughty or nice when you’re in the captain’s seat of your vessel? Good boys and girls drive with both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and their brains on alert. Just say no to cell phones, iPods, eating, shaving, crocheting, or any other activity that will keep you from your primary goal: getting over the hills and through the woods to grandma’s house safe and sound.

4) Always Bet on Sober

It’s the time of year when many people like to be happier when it comes to the “liquid summer fest” Drinking and driving is a surefire way to spoil everyone’s hot summer. Don’t be a party pooper this ssummer and steer clear of the driver’s seat if you have been spending too much time near the spiked punch bowl. If you’re the sober one, don’t be afraid to be someone’s little helper by offering to take over driving duties for the evening.

5) Buckle Up All Ye Merry Gentlemen (and Gentlewomen)

Americans everywhere are better about buckling up today than they were decades ago, but unbelievably some folks still don’t bother to belt-up. Worse yet, some parents still cart around their loved ones without bothering to check that everyone is securely fastened in their seats. If you’re driving, set the example by buckling up first and then make sure your passengers do the same before you start the ignition.

6) A Few of My Favorite Safety Things

Chances are you will go through this summer without any vehicle breakdowns. However, everyone is bound to experience a breakdown at some point in his or her life, so why not be prepared with a handy-dandy safety kit? A few gifts to give your car this year: a flashlight, blankets, jumper cables, a first aid kit, drinking water, non-perishable snacks, and a cell phone.


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