Are Hands-Free Devices Really a Safer Option?

Are Hands-Free Devices Really a Safer Option?

Are Hands-Free Devices Really a Safer Option?

Distracted Driving Includes All Cellphone Use

Personal Injury Lawyers | Distracted driving refers to any time during which the operator of a motor vehicle takes his attention away from the primary task of driving. Although hands-free devices allow drivers to maintain better physical control of a vehicle, any type of cellphone use while driving will require multi-tasking, and occupy mental space. Additionally, most hands-free devices demand drivers to take their eyes off the road at some point. Whether it involves finding a headset, connecting the Bluetooth system, or searching for a contact’s number, hands-free devices can be visually distracting. To avoid a potential car accident, Florida drivers need to be fully alert and aware of their surroundings at all times, as well as prepared to react to the unexpected.


  • According to studies by the National Safety Council, the speed at which the brain processes images decreases by up to a third when you are listening to phone conversation.
  • Drivers often miss up to 50 percent of what’s happening behind the windshield when handling a cellphone.
  • A driver’s risk of getting into a car crash quadruples when he is engaged in cellphone conversation, regardless of the type of device used.

False Sense of Security

Hands-free devices provide a false sense of security because they are legally permissible, but talking on a hands-free cellphone can be just as bad as drunk driving. Several studies have found cellphone users to perform worse on a driving course than intoxicated drivers, with higher incidences of crash. Findings also indicate little to no difference between the use of handheld and hands-free cellphones. – Chicago Lawyer

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