How to Be a Better Driver

How to Be a Better Driver

How to Be a Better Driver

Personal Injury Lawyers |  It’s that time of year again. The time when we promise we’re going to exercise more, spend less and be nicer… A promise really worth making – for yourself and others – is to be a better driver. Here’s how to do it.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

You might be an experienced driver, but do you still do everything by the book? Doubt it! In fact, most people would fail their driving test if they were to take it again. Bad habits creep in over time, it’s human nature. Signing yourself up for a defensive driving course forces you to correct these errors under the eagle-eyed gaze of an instructor. Plus, you get to learn lots more techniques, all for less than $50.

Don’t Speed

Just. Don’t. Have you seen the TV commercials about the consequences of speeding? Enduring a pointed glance at the watch or even getting a speeding ticket are the least of your worries. It’s not worth destroying lives to arrive at your destination a few minutes earlier. (Lecture over!)

Remember, You Were a Learner Too Once

It’s a pain being stuck behind new drivers (or very old drivers), but before you honk or cut them off, remember they’ve just as much right as you to use the road. Remember when you were a learner and every lesson was daunting? Do you really want to be THAT driver with no manners? If you find yourself becoming frustrated with a senior citizen, imagine your grandparents are in the car ahead – show them the courtesy you’d like others to show your family members. And, deep breaths. ;)

Being Very Tired Causes Accidents

According to a study in 2010, one in six crashes involves a drowsy driver. To be a good driver you need to be able to concentrate. If you feel like you’re too tired to focus, why not take a cab? Spend a few dollars now, rather than hundreds or even thousands in an insurance claim. Also, remember to keep the contact info to your trusted personal injury lawyers.

Let It Go

If you encounter an inconsiderate driver, you won’t gain anything by retaliating. If someone cuts you off or tailgates you, take a deep breath and let them speed off into the distance. Getting into battles with other drivers will only increase your stress levels. Plus, you never know if someone suffers from road rage – that’s a road user you really don’t want to engage with.

Know Where You’re Going

Would you literally be lost without your car’s navigation system? For lots of us, it’s the difference between arriving at our destination, and being found driving round the wilderness in 2032! But, they don’t prevent you from making dangerous last minute lane switches because you’ve realized you’re about to head in the wrong direction. Check out your route beforehand so you have a general idea of where you need to go, plan for tricky junctions, look for landmarks, and you’ll be much more confident when it comes to following your satellite navigation.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

If you share a car with a friend or other half, you might get into the driver’s seat and find that your head either touches the roof, or the seat is so low it’s like you’re sitting in a hole! Taking time to adjust your seat and all mirrors is not only important from a safety perspective, it makes the journey much more comfortable for you.

Be Nice (But Not Too Nice)

We’ve all been there – sitting at a junction hoping against hope that someone will let us turn into the traffic. Why not be that person that brightens up someone’s day? A word of warning – don’t stop suddenly to let drivers in. Other road users won’t be expecting it and you’ll cause an accident.

Happy & safe driving this year!

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