Several Injured in Florida Car Accident

Several Injured in Florida Car Accident

Several Injured in Florida Car Accident

Personal Injury Lawyers | A chain of events occurred on a Florida roadway recently that resulted in tragedy. The motor vehicle accident involved several cars and resulted in a single fatality. Others suffered personal injury in the crash that seems to have begun when one motorist attempted to turn into a driveway.

Apparently, there were two cars heading in a southbound direction on the road just before the accident occurred. Two other vehicles were moving in the opposite direction. When one of the drivers attempted to make a turn into a nearby driveway, that vehicle was allegedly struck by the car behind it.

Upon impact, the car that is said to have struck the first vehicle, careened across the road into the oncoming vehicles, striking one of them head-on. The fourth car involved in the accident seems to have swerved to avoid that collision, but ended up crashing into the first vehicle that had been struck moments earlier. The driver of the car that was hit head-on was a 72-year-old woman. Sadly, she did not survive her injuries.

Three other people suffered personal injury in the crash. The public has been notified that there are charges pending in the case. If a person in Florida is injured in a motor vehicle accident that is deemed to have been caused by another motorist’s negligence, he or she is able to file a legal claim in a civil court in order to seek compensation for damages sustained in the incident. When a fatality occurs, the immediate surviving family of the victim is entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim. In a successfully litigated case, the person who filed the claim may obtain a compensatory award that can be used to help offset some of the costs associated with the accident. – Miami Personal Injury

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