Specific Examples of Premises Liability

Specific Examples of Premises Liability

Specific Examples of Premises Liability

Personal Injury Lawyers | The general concept of premises liability is one that most Florida residents understand- a property owner is responsible for keeping the property and land safe and might be held accountable if a legal visitor is injured as a result of some negligence.

However, the specifics of that negligence can be a little hard to understand. What exactly qualifies as “negligence” in a premises liability case? What are some specific examples of issues that property owners let slide and that can get innocent people hurt?

Our personal injury lawyers have pursued compensation in cases resulting from:

  • Insufficient security
  • Exposed wiring
  • Slip hazards left unattended
  • Poor lighting
  • Loose carpeting or floorboards that present a tripping hazard
  • Fire hazards

Obviously that is not an exhaustive list. But it does provide a useful glimpse at some of the specific issues that arise.

And you’ve probably noted that these aren’t unreasonable concerns. You expect property owners to provide sufficient security, to clean up spills and to make sure the location is well-lit. The law doesn’t ask much of property owners, which is why they’re liable for their negligence when it results in an injury. – BestAndAnderson

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